The Death of the Salesman?

How to Introduce Technology that Increases Sales without Losing the Human Touch

During the Systems in the City conference in March 2017, Richard Peers, Senior Director Financial Services Industry at Microsoft, suggested that by 2020 85% of all customer contacts will be automated. As more and more services become automated, clients expect to have an answer to their queries within an hour after submission, so having an AI bot answering calls or contacting a client may seem like the best possible solution. At the same time, however, clients want to have the most effective and accurate answer.

While most companies are trying to automate as many of their processes as possible to reduce cost and scale quicker, some companies emphasize the importance of human touch. Companies that want to create brand loyalty or provide their clients with a positive interaction should consider keeping human contact in order to sustain their business image.

In a recent survey, a third of customers claimed that they would move their business elsewhere if they had a negative experience. AI may render your processes quicker but it could be obstructed at times when complicated tasks that ensure your client is getting the most accurate, personalized and specific response have to be performed.

That being said, we should and can definitely use technology that is in our favor to improve the performance of employees, expedite the contact process that results in a dramatic increase of company ROI, employee wellness and reduction of employee churn.

This is even more crucial when it comes to employees focused on the early stages of the customer journey where the churn is really high (between 35% and 45%). Squaretalk has done a lot towards the creation of a productive environment in which the employee is given the best tools to optimize sales and marketing situations. We are currently developing more capabilities that detect, analyze and predict sales and marketing situations in order to guide your employee on how best to conduct a conversation, keep track of their success rates, and increase employee motivation.

Our software is 100% personal, which means we are able to give the right guidance to any specific employee on what works best for them, this is a huge asset in helping companies retain employees as it provides them with a sense of personalized fulfillment.