Providing SIP on a hot day

We often post about ways to get your organizations and campaigns to perform better, smarter and more efficiently.

Innitel recently hired one our largest group of support and sales personal at one shot in order to prepare for our growth based on our motto of support for success.

In one of our training sessions we discussed what it means to give ‘good support’ and what both the customer and client should feel after a good service call or ticket.

When we give service, we are in a giving mode.. and there is nothing more satisfying then giving.

Sometimes we are unable to see the clients gratefulness, and sometimes we are privileged enough to have the customer provide feedback on their experience.
We decided to get realtime feedback on what it feels like to give, and how it looks to receive.

On a day where the weather hit 96 degrees F (34c), we took to the streets in operation “Provide SIP on a hot day“.  Our new staff handed out cups of cold water to people going about their day and we took note of how we felt while giving, and the people felt by receiving.  Smiles were abundant, and people began filming what should not really be an event. There is no doubt that those that witnesses a small act of giving, will retell the story this evening to their friends and family.

The buzz your company can get by simply providing well intentioned, friendly support has the EXACT same effect.  Consider your support team as an extension of your marketing team, and the results will be quite telling.

Here is a quick video of the event.