Programmable Voice API

Power new, innovative and creative products with comprehensive, easy to use APIs

Programmable Messaging API

Blend Express SMS API into your app and reach customers in over 150 countries

Detailed and flexible API for developers to create custom experiences

Detailed and flexible API for developers to create custom experiences

With just a few lines of code, make, receive, and control phone calls using Squaretalk programmable voice API. Enable your applications to perform a variety of voice operations, including audio conferencing, call recording, real-time alerts, and the connection of customers to a custom, intelligent IVR.

Our developer community can use Squaretalk’s programmable voice APIs to build applications and workflows with embedded communication and collaboration features

Create custom and unique call experiences with a detailed API made simple. Activate online campaigns from your opt-in clients, engage customers with multiple sequences, record calls, monitor real-time communications, and any events.

Programmable Voice API

Call Center

Implement all Squaretalk contact center functionalities within your application or CRM and manage all your calls, agents, locations, skills, phone numbers and data with ease and in a centralized location.

Masked Numbers

Transfer and connect calls via an app or to a local business without revealing personal phone numbers of potential buyers.


Measure how many interested buyers requested call-back, by tracking calls on every landing page.

Call Tracking

Increase lead conversion by instantly connecting buyers with the right agents or business partners.

Some examples of what can be built with Squaretalk Programmable API

Create an extension

Create a user ID, give it a name and allow calls via WebRTC in three simple steps.

Record Calls

Record all incoming and outgoing calls.

Create Queue

Intercept inbound calls, announce waiting time to callers, frequency. 

Create a strategy for call distribution.

IP Access

Allow and activate IP addresses to access your monitor and user access for unlimited periods or deactivate the IP at a scheduled time and date.

All agents API functionality

Contact Center API functionality

Call Events API