It's a numbers game!

An integrated predictive dialing platform that paves the way for greater  rep productivity. Avoid busy signals, voicemails, disconnected lines, invalid numbers, and no-answers. Clients who use predictive dialing enjoy up to a 400% increase in productivity.

Increase performance Predictive Dialer


Stop wasting time manually dialing numbers from a list in search of an answer. Our Predictive Dialer does that for you.


Not all leads answer on the first try. Automatically call them back using configured pattern to delay and schedule call-backs.


Schedule automatic lead imports based on campaign patterns and audience insights.

Webrtc predictive dialer


Our automated system greets callers and offers them an option menu. Make it easier for your customers to reach the right person.​

Random Number Dialing


Using a local area code to call a contact can lift call connection rates by up to 400%. Squaretalk has numbers available in over 78 countries and 3400 area codes worldwide.

Track Performance with Predictive Dialer


Know which agent is performing better, how much time they spend on a call, how much time they spend in between calls.

A full-feature predictive dialer with all the tools you require to contact your leads.

Integrated. Scalable. Extendable.
  • Manage Extensions

    Create and configure your extensions and group assignments to best manage your team.

  • DID Management

    Route your inbound calling to specific agents or groups with unique phone numbers.

  • Call Back Management

    Automate your call-back process by calling no-answers and busy signals back over various times of the day.

  • Monitoring Dashboard

    View data and graphs specific to each group or location in an easy-to-view interface viewable from a wallboard.

  • Affiliate Management

    Route calls from your best affiliate, to the best list, to the best agent.

  • Secure

    Give access to your remote users and branch offices with ease. Add IP addresses for permanent or temporary usage

  • Effective Calls

    Not all calls are productive, Keep track of which agents are engaged in the calls that matter.

  • WebRTC Enabled

    No need for a separate soft dialer solution. Our built-in soft dialer is designed to align seamlessly with your workflow.

  • Recordings by Status

    Sort and export calls based on status of the call, keep track and adjust your messaging as needed.

  • Smart List loader

    Load leads from integrations and external sources with ease. Numbers are auto tagged with timezone and verified valid.

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Frequently asked questions

Squaretalk is integrated with all your lead generation tools including landing pages, CRM’s, affiliate sites, and lists to automate your outbound calling.

Squaretalk is a zero-download predictive dialer software that requires no IT support to maintain or install. Every feature and system is easily configured. With highly configurable features, Squaretalk fits your requirements and will increase the productivity of your contact center agents.

Squaretalk digests your leads and contacts and prepares them for contact by validating the phone numbers and time zone. Using highly configurable campaigns, Squaretalk automatically dials your leads in a manner best suiting the needs of the marketing effort.

71% of the leads your company generates on the Internet are wastes due to slow response getting back to them!

Squaretalk Predictive Dialer will call your list of telephone numbers, screening out no-answers, busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers and, if possible, send an SMS or E-mail with a link for an immediate call back!

Your agents handle only live calls and are able to send SMS, emails, and schedule meetings. All engagements that are successful can be automatically uploaded to your CRM and all conversations can be converted to text for big data processing.

And all the while, the system will be calculating and predicting the next best opportunity for your agent to handle another successful call.

Squaretalk Predictive Dialer is built entirely in the cloud, and with built in audio, your agents simply login to the interface, and with a headset, can take and place calls. No downloads, no additional hardware. If your operation has a need, or already have purchased SIP phones, they can be configured easily to work with our system.

Yes, and not all call recording solutions are created equal.

From boosting sales and enhancing training, to protecting your organizations from legal action, compliance violations and the like, our built-in recording solution accelerates your ROI and provides your company with a peace of mind

Squaretalk Predictive Dialer is a communication platform that works standalone or integrated with your CRM and platforms. 

Our clients say

Predictive dialer is an amazing product by Squaretalk. Saves money, saves manpower, saves time, and it works on a PC or phone. My company has been a client for more than 2 years, and one of the reasons for applying for their services was the Dialer.
Alex Walter
Operations Manager - Master Card
As a young startup, you want to receive the best service for a fair price. Squaretalk's team of professionals is always available, and know how to give excellent service in a timely manner. Highly recommended!
Amit A.
CEO - EZsave
We use it every day with 4 brands and 5 offices, and it works perfectly every day, like a well-oiled machine. The Dialer has solved many problems for us and has saved a lot of money and manpower. Any call center that makes calls to clients daily must get Squaretalk's Predictive Dialer.
Squaretalk and the team behind it are definitely meeting all our requirements. The price is fair, the quality is excellent.
Gil O.
CEO - Food For Life

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From Click2Call and Call popup's, Squaretalk's Predictive Dialer and API empowers your CRM & Platform to connect.

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