Predictive Dialer Explained: The Backbone Of Good Sales Teams

Predictive Dialer

There once was a time when businesses manually dialed their customer’s phone number to contact them. Contacting potential customers in this fashion demanded a lot of effort from agents, not to mention it was a huge waste of time and productivity. Misdials, non-answers, wrong numbers, voicemail pickups, or simply dialing customers that don’t answer, all this wasted time adds up. In fact, each agent can lose up to 1-2 hours of their days dialing, re-dialing, and finding the next potential customer to call.

1-2 hours a day can easily turn into 5-10 hours per week, a massive waste of your business’ resources.

So a Predictive Dialer huh?

This is where predictive dialers are really shining and are proving to be invaluable to many call center based businesses. They reduce all of the unnecessary time agents spend trying to contact customers. Predictive dialers software does this by using learning algorithms that ensure no agent’s time is wasted. The predictive dialer achieves this by dialing multiple numbers at a time and only connects the agent to a call when there is a customer on the line. And, if a voicemail picks up the line, agents can send a pre-recorded voicemail with a single click. This removes any time wasted manually contacting customers, completely streamlining the entire process. 


predictive dialer

A Predictive dialer ensures your employee’s time isn’t wasted, reaching thousands of prospective buyers in comparatively much less time than manual dialing. And, the best part of all this is your agents will be closing more deals and making more sales rather than wasting time on dead-end calls or talking to voicemails.

Why Integrate A Predictive Dialer Into Your Business?

Sales campaigns that involve a high call volume require a capable team of sales agents. Why not support your team with the best chance of making sales that you can? Do them a favor, eliminate all the mundane tasks involved in contacting potential customers and let them get on with what they’re best at, making sales. Allow a predictive dialer to dial the numbers, log the calls, make the call notes, and save them directly to an integrated CRM.

Both your agents and your sales figures will thank you.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how a predictive dialer can increase your sales team’s productivity.

Read on to find out.

Saves Time When Deciding The Right Customers to Contact

Manually dialing customers can cost an agent on average 15-25 seconds per contact number. This may not seem like a lot but consider that potentially thousands of calls are made by an entire team over a week, it will add up really quickly. That’s a lot of wages you are paying that is basically wasted.

Predictive dialers completely eliminate the repetitive and mundane task of manually dialing. The software calls all customer numbers of a pre-determined sales campaign list canceling out any chances of errors like dialing wrong numbers.

Don’t waste your agent’s time by having them wait on a line just to have it go to voicemail or a no pickup. Predictive dialers will only connect agents to a call that has been answered. This ensures that your agents are only on the line with customers, actively engaging them in conversations and closing sales.

Automatically Logs Calls And Simplify Note Taking

Another string that a predictive dialer system adds to your agents’ bow is the automatic logging of call notes. Let’s best honest, the job of a calls representative can be high-paced, your agents have a lot on their plate. Take the stress off your agents, they strive to quickly take down what they need to although forgetting important points of a high-value customer call does happen, especially when a new inbound call comes in while they are still typing away. Don’t allow inbound calls to interrupt your agent’s ability to take down notes that later may prove invaluable to making a sale.

A predictive dialer can solve these issues. Once the call has ended, agents can take notes as they normally would without the risk of being interrupted. The predictive dialer won’t attempt to connect them to another customer that is waiting in the queue while they are still editing a lead.

Monitors Calls, Analytics, and Reporting

Sales managers have a tough gig. Constant vigilance over their agents to ensure they are performing at your business’ standards easy always an easy task. Potentially hundreds of employees with thousands of calls made per day can make for a pretty daunting amount of information to review. Another area predictive dialers have got you covered.

Predictive dialers make this enormous task much easier. It’s simple to measure sales campaigns and agent’s performance with the use of a comprehensive predictive dialer analytics dashboard and reporting options. The dashboard facilitates the ability to monitor the amount of total dialed numbers, the average call duration, total call duration amongst many others. This eliminates your sales managers the almost impossible task of combing through thousands of call notes and reports. Within a few clicks, they can see all the information they need to further increase sales and ensure the success of any sales campaign.

Everything Else

Don’t waste the time of your sales team or sales managers any longer. The overall benefits of a predictive dialer lie in the ease of aid that these systems provide to outbound calling. Agents become much more efficient, ensuring valuable time, wages, and business resources aren’t being wasted. This will substantially help your business prospects and business growth. 

Predictive dialers are without a doubt the best way to streamline your business, increase your employee’s productivity, and ensure the success of your sales campaigns. A predictive dialer will supercharge your agents. Allowing them more time for the important aspects of sales while reducing the mundane tasks that can be easily tackled by a computer algorithm. A predictive dialer can be the backbone of any sales campaign, facilitating multiple active calls, simplifying integral note-taking, and automating call logging and call monitoring. Predictive dialers really are a sales team’s best sidekick that they can truly rely on.