Predictive Dialer

Intelligent software that predicts the contact most likely to answer and pairs them with the agent most suited to respond.


Increase your talk time by 400%



Predictive Dialer

Increase your talk time by 400%

Intelligent software that predicts the contact most likely to answer and pairs them with the agent most suited to respond.

Empower your business and pave the way to optimized communications. Matrix - The Power of Prediction

Connect your best agents with your most promising prospects

BPOs and Remote Call Center Teams

Purpose built to suit the needs of BPO outsource call centers with proactive retention teams, sales teams, traders, telemarketers, market researchers, debt collectors insurance agents financial advisors and more.

We Track and Measure

We Predict and Recommend

You Get Results


Lead Targeting

Target leads by  custom criteria including: lead status, country, time zone, probability score, potential value.

Optimized Marketing

 Sharpen your marketing strategy by integrating, instantly connecting and scoring all leads landing from affiliate campaigns, third-party vendors, PPC or from your lead-generation website in Matrix Dialer.

Agent Prioritization

 Task your agents to connect with leads based on skill level, lead scoring and time zone.

Agent Meeting Reminders

Increase productivity with personalized, agent-specific callback calendars and reminders. Automate the flow of warm leads to qualified, available agents.

Enhanced Workflow

Availability Prediction

Improve agent efficiency by anticipating when they will become available and controlling the dialing rate and routing accordingly.

Workflow Speed

Customize the frequency of live leads connected to agents or allow Matrix Dialer to modify the speed per campaign and agent.


Run automated marketing campaigns and set up automatic notifications based on predefined events.

Smart Lead Dispatching

Automatically dispatch leads to team members  based on predefined settings such as lead scoring or agent ranking.

Dynamic Scripts

Generate custom, dynamic scripts for sales or customer support agents based on campaign and client details.

Compliance DNC

Import, export, filter and edit your custom DNC (Do-Not-Call) rules to ensure compliance.

Unlimited possibilities

Connect Matrix Predictive Dialer with a wide library of tools to create custom workflows and automate your tasks




















Allow agents to connect from anywhere while preventing them from signing in from insecure or unauthorized locations. Enable secure access for limited time periods and manage custom security rules in a comprehensive dashboard.

Connect your business tools

Connect your existing business tools or build your own, custom workflows. Integrate via our easy to use API or leverage the library of over 100 apps in the Lynx studio.

Automated Workflow

Automate the dialing process in real-time for your Opt-in Sales Leads to qualify opportunities and update your CRM with all critical business events.

Worldwide local presence

Leverage over 100 local country codes and 3400 area codes to contact leads and improve call connection rates by up to 400%.

Automated Triggers

Set up triggers for whenever a lead becomes a customer. Build sequences of timely automatic calls based on historical call events. Detect unanswered calls and remove bad leads from the dialing list.

Caller-ID Matching

Own local and mobile phone numbers and automatically match them to the location of contacts you are calling. Choose from thousands of cities worldwide.

Built-In Voice, WebRTC, and Softphone

Connect and call anywhere, anytime without landlines, software downloads or any additional fees.

Predictive Dialer - How it Works


Wrap up time

Set pause time. Give agents the ability to complete necessary administrative tasks between calls.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Oversee all your agents' activities in real-time from one screen, with the ability to listen, coach, or drop in on live calls to speak with both caller and agent.

Warm Transfers

The warm transfer ensures excellent customer service by letting your call center agents provide specific context about the customer issue to other agents before transferring a call.

Internal Chat

Encourage real-time collaboration between team members with built-in Chat.

Call Recording

Record all inbound and outbound calls or selected calls for compliance and quality assurance.

Blended Inbound and Outbound

Enable inbound and outbound calling campaigns for seamless efficiency.

A full-featured predictive dialer

Integrated, scalable, extendable.  
Including all the tools you need to create, contact, and convert your leads.

Countries reachable with Matrix
Available area codes worldwide
Lift in connection rates


Detailed reporting on performance of lead lists and individual agents. Including Lead list scoring, campaign effectiveness, agent call efficiency, queue SLA, call times, pause and log-in times, average call lengths, billing call time, and more.

List and Campaign Management

Upload and import your contact lists with the click of a button. Matrix allows you to create contact lists and share them between campaigns and teams based on previous results.

Campaign Automation

Activate unique outbound sequences and dialing strategies within your campaigns based on automated or agent set disposition of calls.

Agent Metrics

Generate dynamic agent and payroll reports by simply customizing agent disposition statuses.

Lead Data Synchronization

Schedule or synchronize lead imports from any CRM,  based on campaign patterns and audience insights. Update your data based on contact lists, phone numbers and lead IDs.

Custom Lead Profile

Customize a lead’s profile using a variety of form fields. Easily import/export the data or target it with your dialer.

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