Consuming Time

Our CTO just returned from a long business trip, and spoke to the company to share some of the things he had been thinking about while he was away.

In a business you sell time. You make money on seconds, minutes, hours.

A customer is down for a second? That second is gone. Poof. You can’t recover that time.

And you work hard. You work damn hard to make sure you don’t lose those precious seconds.


But did you ever think about this in relation to your own life?  How you spend your time.

I am very connected to this thought and I think success is based on how we value our life seconds and the seconds of those near to us

There was a great movie called ‘In Time’. In it, people were engineered to only live a certain number of seconds. When they ran out of seconds, they died.

The more you bought, the shorter your life.

If you wanted to buy something, you would trade your life seconds for whatever you wanted to buy. The more you bought, the shorter your life.  To gain more time, you had to provide a service or work, so that people wanted to give you their seconds.  A bit sci-fi, but a cool premise nonetheless.

Check out the trailer:


The movie may seem crazy, but this is not so different from the life we lead. When we work, we are trading in our time for money, which we then go buy what we want or need. But we are still trading in our life seconds.  We spend an hour of our life for currency. And that currency now represents our lives.

When we work, we are trading in our time for money.

Working in a company, we want to be sure that we are spending our time and life for something meaningful. Giving our life seconds to something half-assed and half satisfying is literally a double edged sword.

Whatever your position. Development. Support. Sales. CEO. Think about the seconds. Am I being productive? Am I spending my time well? Am I learning?

Am I happy?


Do you know what the best gift of all is?  When you really think about it?


Anything we can do to give our clients and loved ones more time to do what they want. It’s the best gift ever!

If you help a co-worker, the amazing person sitting next to you, to work better and smarter. You just gave him the best gift.

And they will be damn well appreciative.

If you give a client a tool that automates his task. A system that gives more time to focus on whatever it is they do.

You got a friend for life.

I want us to all think about time. And today when you are working. Ask yourself, am I spending my time well? Am I helping my coworkers spend their time well?

As a company, you make money selling as much of the precious commodity as you can.


Live life. Work hard. And most importantly, have a great time doing it.