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Cloud PBX
Increase performance Predictive Dialer


Review your reps' calls for quality assurance and regulation. Recorded calls are securely saved and available for your operational requirements.


View all your reps and agents on one screen filtered by branch, department or any other criterion. Feel the pulse of your operations.


Agents can easily set their customisable pause statuses, giving them the time they need before taking the next call.

Webrtc predictive dialer


No need to download software, SIP phones, or to purchase hard phones. Just login and talk. No setup, No fuss.

Random Number Dialing


Using a local area code to call a contact can lift call connection rates by up to 400%. Squaretalk has numbers available in over 78 countries and 3400 area codes worldwide.

Track Performance with Predictive Dialer


Know which agent is performing better, how much time they spend on a call, how much time they spend in between calls.

A full-feature business communication system with all the tools you require to contact your leads.

Integrated. Scalable. Extendable.

Seamless integration with

From Click2Call and Call popup's Squaretalk Cloud PBX and API empowers your CRM & Platform to connect.

Easy to use and operate​

  • Manage Extensions

    Create and configure your agents with group assignments to best manage your team.

  • DID Management

    Route your inbound calling to specific agents or groups with unique phone numbers.

  • Agent Status

    Keep track of your agents pause and work status. Track call wrap up times and breaks.

  • Realtime Wallboard

    View your data and graphs specific to a group or location in an easy to view interface.

  • Secure

    Give access to your remote users and branch offices with ease. Add IP addresses for permanent or temporary usage.

  • Effective Calls

    Not all calls are productive, Keep track of which agents are engaged in the calls that matter.

  • WebRTC Enabled

    No need for a separate soft dialer solution. Our built-in soft dialer is designed to align seamlessly with your workflow.

  • Recordings by Status

    Sort and export calls based on the status of the call, keep track and adjust your messaging as needed.

Ready to add click-to call functionality to your CRM or Platform?

We’ve got what you need. 

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Frequently asked questions

There are a number of key advantages to using a Hosted PBX service versus a traditional telephone service or purchasing an office telephone system. Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is a technology that a telephone provider uses to route calls. A CloudPBX system utilizes the cloud, which means that data is stored and transferred over the Internet, instead of from a local piece of hardware (such as a computer or server) that the end-user owns.

With Squaretalk’s CloudPBX, your company can use any current VoIP phone without any further capital expense. Squaretalk Cloud PBX works by connecting your phones or phone software to your existing internet, then sending the voice to our servers for recording and routing to your desired destination. Your office must have a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or other IP phones or adapters to use the Cloud PBX.

With setup completed in less than 1 day, and unlimited extensions, Squaretalk’s CloudPBX gives you the scalability and security you need. With a CloudPBX you can do anything a regular phone system can do, but from anywhere in the world, and without bulky external devices. You save time and money by bypassing installation and maintenance of hardware, and by connecting everyone in your company on a single platform in the office, and around the world. Custom setups and customizations encouraged!

Squaretalk Cloud PBX is built entirely in the cloud, and with built in audio, your agents simply login to the PBX, and with a headset, can take and place calls. No downloads, no additional hardware. If your operation has a need, or already have purchased SIP phones, they can be configured easily to work with our system.

Squaretalk Cloud PBX is a communication platform that works standalone or integrated with your CRM and platforms. 


With Squaretalk support you’ll feel the difference from day one.

  • Our Network Operations Team monitors your traffic 24/7, 365 day a year
  • We continuously test for connectivity and quality
  • Every customer is connected to our Customer Support team
  • Dedicated Customer Success team focused on your business

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