5 Keys to Starting a World-Class Call Center on a Budget

The finishing touches have been made and the campaign is ready to launch. You’ve worked for months on making this the most effective marketing campaign possible and, if it’s successful, it could be the one that takes your business to the next level.

All of that preparation, however, will be for nothing if your call center operations aren’t able to handle the increase in call traffic. Customers; intrigued by the possibilities of your service or product, will only wait so long before taking their business elsewhere.

Having put all of your money into the marketing campaign itself, there may be very little funding left to ramp up your call center or customer service operations. After all, your impression of a call center is rows and rows of desks of agents occupying entire rooms of office buildings. You might not know that VoIP telephony and some low-cost front end technology may be all you need in order to give the impression of a world-class operation.


Here are five key pieces to making your small operation look like that of a major player in your industry.


1) Investigate the possibilities of Chromebooks for call center agents.

These small, cloud-based laptops cost a fraction of a PC, use less energy, and reduce a company’s dependance on IT overhead. Most Chromebooks run on a mere 45-65 watts while charging compared to the 350 or 400 watts required to power a full-sized PC.ac-c7-promolanding-1

Further, because everything that a Chromebook does is based in the cloud, your cloud-based PBX will be fully functional and accessible, and the agent’s CRM or other software can be accessed via the device’s web browser. At this point in history, there is virtually no reason to run full-sized PCs in your call center.

2) Move your PBX to the cloud.

Why host your own phone infrastructure when a cloud-based PBX can do the same job with much higher quality at a lower price?

Granted, connecting your agents to your customers will require A-Z termination, but because Squaretalk partners with some of the best route providers and VoIP terminators in the industry, all of your calls will be clean, clear, and stable with virtually no stutter and next to no possibility of a dropped call.

Our easy to use, pay as you go billing ensures that you only pay for the time you’ve used. Even if you already have a PBX in place, using us as your carrier may reduce your expenses and enhance your capabilities with a minimal amount of effort. Contact us today about switching to Squaretalk for your A-Z termination needs.

3) Reduce your dependence on IT technicians.

Well-managed hosted service providers mean that all of your technology is managed on the back end, leaving you to tend to the operations and services that make you money. Squaretalk’s PBX and supportdialer come with unlimited amounts of customer service – that’s how much we stand behind our products and services.

Once delivered, we’ll walk you through the setup of your phones and take remote control of your computers to handle any software installation or configuration. All you have to do is wait and get ready to make the clearest calls to your clients that you’ve ever experienced. Once that’s complete, we’ll fully configure your PBX and Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) system.

Using Squaretalk customer service to setup and configure your new VoIP environment costs you a fraction of what you’d pay for in-house support. Harness the power of what the internet makes possible and move your critical IT services to our cloud.

4) Take the guess work out of outbound dialing.

Instead of wasting outbound sales time on numbers that won’t answer, wrong numbers, or calls that only result in your agents leaving voicemails, let our Predictive Dialer connect your sales agents with customers they actually have a chance of selling. Our software will eliminate all the no answer/voicemail numbers from your call sheets and quickly and automatically connect your agents with real human voices on the other end of the line; voices they can speak to in order to make and close sales. You’ll increase call volume while also ensuring that agents are spending the most time possible in-call.

5) Consider the use of a remote agent workforce.

Dispersed or remote work forces are being used more and more and in wider applications. Call center operations are a perfect case where these remote employees can provide enhanced productivity at a fraction of regular overhead.

Because they typically work from home, remote agents have lower turnover rates and higher levels of job satisfaction. This means a happier workforce providing you with higher levels of customer satisfaction. They are also willing to work during non-standard hours which allows the call center to provide extended hours to account for late calls or callers in different time zones.

They require no local resources and, because they are dispersed across a wide geography, they are also immune to call center power, weather, or other service interruptions.

The technologies necessary to integrate a remote workforce are mature and well-established and Squaretalk has been working with these technologies for years. Remote agents can be monitored for productivity and even receive real-time coaching and input from a call center supervisor. CRMs and other databases, as well as virtually any other business-critical information system, can all be accessed from a remote agent’s computer from the comfort of their own home.

Using these five key elements, businesses can put together a world-class call center infrastructure that pulls from the best resources available, independent of the employee’s actual geography. At the same time, the business can save thousands of dollars on wasted infrastructure and equipment costs by shifting the technology away from the actual business and into a secure, well-managed, and powerful hosted service provider.

To ramp up your customer service or call center operations with the power of integrated VoIP cloud-based PBX technologies, or to discuss what can happen when a remote workforce is brought together with Squaretalk’s powerful telecommunication tools, contact us today.