The easiest and most secure business communication software for Work From Home

Set up remote teams. Track them in real time. 

Build a team of best sellers

SquareTalk Predictive Dialer dispatches the hottest leads to your sales team. Our cloud infrastructure is equipped to serve both small and large contact centers. 

Automate your outbound dialing, eliminate dead time between calls, and increase the overall efficiency of your contact center.

Predictive Dialer

Automate the dispatch lead process: connect your best leads – from your best affiliate, marketing campaigns or landing page – to the right agent as soon as she logs in.

Integrated with your CRM or Platform via API, SquareTalk updates your leads with call recordings, call updates & call statuses. We streamline your operations and consolidate your data.

SquareTalk’s Predictive Dialer provides you with intelligent automated dialing power that feeds the pipeline. Detect all ‘no answer’ statuses including Answer Machine, Black List and DNC. So your reps are only connected to live, responsive leads.

This improves answer rates. rep productivity. and makes life easier for managers. We decrease spam ratios and up engagements by 400%

Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

Experience our API-driven, feature-rich, cloud-based business communications solution.

Inbound or Outbound calling: SquareTalk has you covered. Features include queue management, skill-based routing, callback functionality, phone number tracking, click to call, and call pop up.

No downloads, no phone configurations .Your reps simply login and call, while managers can monitor performance and keep track of analytics.

Easy to use

SquareTalk products deploy rapidly, are user friendly, with state-of-the-art technology.

Provide a better experience for your customers and agents.

Scalable & Integrated

SquareTalk fits with your current sales and support stack. Integrated with your platform and CRM, we shorten the time to get your business up and running.

User-friendly Interface

SquareTalk guarantees a positive, user-friendly and convenient interface, enabling users to easily communicate and engage with their contacts.

Round the Clock Support

SquareTalk has multiple offices around the world, ready to address your questions and concerns at any time throughout the day.

Seamless integration with:

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